Blogs for the Eighteenth Century Enthusiast

Do you read blogs? (I hope so! You’re reading this one!). Blogs are a great way to stay up on conversations in a field, or about a topic. They are also a great way to experience a conference or exhibit second-hand, or get quick tastes of information.

This post is about blogs devoted to the eighteenth century. The following blogroll is not exhaustive, or in any specific order, but hopes to serve as a good place to start your internet eighteenth-century reading.

C18 Loving Blogs

Enfilade is the blog home for Historians of Eighteenth-Century Art & Architecture. This blog is an excellent resource for Calls for Papers and announcements of new publications in the field.

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ABO Public is the interactive online salon connected to the fantastic journal, ABO: Interactive Journal for Women in the Arts, 1640-1830. With sections like ‘The Eighteenth Century in Popular Culture’ and ‘Public and Digital Pedagogy’, the blog speaks to a wide audience. They’ve also been known to host posts by graduate student researchers. It’s a fantastic place to go for the latest work on women writers, and to get to know the work of scholars interested in public outreach scholarship.

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The Long 18-th Century is a blog by eighteenth-century scholars, for eighteenth-century scholars. It grew out of interdisciplinary discussions on the C18-L listerv, and regularly posts responses to new research or conversations in the field. It also posts CFPs. Check it out!

The Voltaire Foundation blog features regular posts about the Enlightenment. This blog is especially good at representing a global eighteenth century. Posts on printing history, new scholarly publications, and eighteenth-century art are especially great on this blog.

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18th-Century Commons Gazette always has their finger on the pulse of the latest conferences, exhibits, publications, and events of interest to those who love eighteenth-century studies.

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The Lady’s Magazine Project blog has regular posts from three team-members working on the project (which is out of the University of Kent). The posts discuss original research, offer peeks into the eighteenth-century magazine publication, and even inspire reader participation! Blog posts on embroidery patterns in the magazine has led to a project called the “Great Stitch Off”– encouraging participants worldwide to take to the needle, and create textiles with eighteenth-century patterns! AND (yes, there is more) you can see these lovely pieces at Chawton House Library’s Exhibition: 200th Anniversary of Jane Austen’s Emma!

The Georgian Era blog is a fun read. Penned by two historians and their guests, this blog features short highlights of the Georgian period. It is especially strong in posts about fashion, material culture, and trends in the periodical press. If you love Georgian caricatures, or a conversation about headdresses, this is the blog for you!

Marie Antoinette’s Gossip Guide to the 18th-Century is like meeting up with your ASECS friends and gossiping about the eighteenth century in a wonderfully nerdy way—only it’s online! The posts are about the juiciest bits of eighteenth-century knowledge: mysteries, rumors, new discoveries, scandalous individuals,  and controversies.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 2.17.21 PMEighteenth-Century Notes and Petticoats is the wonderful blog of Ula Klein. The archives of this blog offer a great resources of conference roundups, and discussions about women in the eighteenth-century.

A Covent Garden Gilfurt’s Guide to Life is a great resource for getting to know the streets, shops, and places from the eighteenth-century. It has round-ups on  figures or events from the period. Catherine Curzon has a post on just about everyone and every big moment from the period, plus her Twitter feed is like getting a daily C18 Fact.

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Reveries Under the Sign of Austen, TWO. Don’t be fooled by the title of this blog. While there are tons of posts on Austen, there are also lots of posts on Austen’s world, women in the eighteenth century, art, geography, and more. Ellen Moody writes about everything from conferences she attends, to reviewing film adaptations of eighteenth-century works, and weighing in on new scholarship.


If you like following blogs, and getting regular updates about their posts, you have several options. You can follow blogs via a blog-roll (like, sign up for emails, or follow them via social media. What eighteenth-century topic blogs do you follow? Tweet at us at @asecsgrad, or post to our Facebook page.


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