ASECS17 Graduate Mentoring Coffee

The 2017 Graduate Mentoring Coffee took place in Minneapolis on Friday, March 31.  Thanks to an overwhelmingly supportive response from established scholars in the field, we had far more mentors than mentees volunteer, and each of our graduate students was matched with a scholar experienced in their areas of inquiry.  Several pairings arranged to meet in the St. Croix room for coffee during the 9:45am panel slot, and many more made arrangements to meet for coffee or a meal at a time convenient for both.

Feedback from the participants included:

“My meeting was extremely useful. Professor Anne Huse was very generous and gave me a lot of tips about job search. She review some of my applications material and offer to review it in the future. Excellent!” ~Kevin Sedeño-Guillén, University of Kentucky

“I really appreciated it! […] I am thankful for this kind of opportunity at ASECS, which I think really opens up opportunities for grad students to meet faculty in very different places in their careers. It’s also nice to become part of networks that faculty members themselves have made over time at ASECS.” ~Travis Chi Wing Lau, UPenn

“Great! I really enjoyed meeting Melanie Zynel and we were able to exchange some information that I hope will be helpful to her.” ~Lisa Moore, University of Texas at Austin

“It was extremely productive and useful to talk to an established professional about his career path and to get his advice; also, it was very useful to *heard* by someone who thought of me as a new member of his profession.” ~James Ascher (UVa)

“From the perspective of the mentor, it was a good experience. It was interesting to see what my assigned student was working on, and I hope I was able to offer her useful advice on her dissertation proposal.” ~Deborah Weiss, The University of Alabama


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