‘Digital Defoe’ Journal Seeks Second Technical Editor

Digital Defoe is seeking second technical editor to support the journal’s operations. The journal publishes one volume a year; typically a volume consists of 4-5 scholarly articles, 5-8 books reviews, and occasional multimedia or digital projects.

The technical editor will need to work with formatting of PDF files for publication; they will also need to help maintain the journal’s website, and may assist with migrating earlier volumes of the journal to a new server.  They will thus need to have advanced PDF editing skills (and have access to Adobe Acrobat Pro), as well as strong familiarity and experience with the WordPress content management system.

This would be an opportunity for someone with these skills to gain experience in digital editing and publishing. No specific expertise in Defoe or the early eighteenth-century is necessary.

Someone taking this on would be collaborating with the incumbent technical editor, Param Ajmera; the book review editor, Jason Pearl; and co-editors Adam Sills and Christopher Loar. Please contact Christopher Loar at christopher.loar@wwu.edu to express interest or ask questions.



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