Dr. Jennifer Airey Wins 2019 Excellence in Mentorship Award

The ASECS Graduate Student Caucus is delighted to grant the 2019 Excellence in Mentorship Award to Dr. Jennifer Airey of The University of Tulsa. Dr. Airey is an Associate Professor of English and Director of Graduate Studies, and she received her university’s 2018 Outstanding Teacher Award. She serves as Faculty Advisor of multiple university organizations, including the campus Hillel organization, the Society for Gender Equality, and the Women’s and Gender Studies Program.

Dr. Airey is co-director of the University’s Institute of Trauma, Adversity, and Injustice, and has served on twelve dissertation committees in the past four years. Additionally, she is the Editor of Tulsa Studies in Women’s Literature and Executive President of the Aphra Behn Society.

Dr. Airey’s nominators praise her advocacy for and dedication to her students. “Jennifer embodies the feminist integrity that I aim to achieve in my own career,” states Dr. Elizabeth Polcha, whose work Dr. Airey continues to guide and encourage ten years after taking Dr. Airey’s Early Modern Sexualities course.

Professor Laura Stevens explains, “I cannot exaggerate the admiration I feel for the work Jennifer has done to advocate for the approximately 40 graduate students in our program, ensuring that they benefit from university- and college-level support [and that they are] steered and advised through every stage of their education.”

Her nominators commend her steadfast dedication to student mentorship. Former student Dr. Ashley Schoppe describes Dr. Airey as “a wise and responsive advisor and tireless advocate for students.”

The Graduate Student Caucus is honored to give this year’s Excellence in Mentorship Award to Dr. Jennifer Airey, and we thank her for making mentorship an integral part of her work.


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